“Capturing carefully curated weddings for timeless, romantic couples…”


My name is Mouna. I am a story teller for lovers, an old soul, a hopeless romantic. I approach photography with an artistic appreciation, curating a story of effervescent images filled with romance and joy. To me, your wedding date is no isolated event. It is a story waiting to unfold, an editorial worthy of artful imagery. An opportunity to create the most beautiful photographs - memories frozen in time with the articulate intentions of a painter. 

There is an art to photography that has not been forgotten or lost by all. To freeze a moment in time requires patience, experience, love, dedication...I shoot every frame with passionate intention, delicately directing you so that our images are a reflection of your true self. I will find the most beautiful lighting, ensuring you are drenched in golden sunlight, positioning you at your best angle, and capturing your souls. Your personality and love story should shine in every photograph. This is your happily ever after. 

I am an artist of multiple trades. Through various art forms I have created my unique style of photography, a dreamy, light, and airy melody accompanied by harmonies of timeless romance, elegance, and effervescent grace. 

I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot both digital and fine art film photography. Film allows for my style to flourish. With every shutter, my soul sings. There is a song in every love story, composed and written in every photograph. I want to make still the fleeting moments, capture your artful details. Your gallery should be bursting with emotions, allowing you to re-live your wedding day for years to come. There is only one heirloom you will have after your wedding, and that is your gallery of images. Together, we can create magic. 

Mouna's work has been featured on Vogue IT, The White Wren, Elegant Wedding, Cake and Lace, The Wedding Opera, Event Source, Inspired by This, Dark Beauty , Elegant Magazine, Plenilune Magazine, Promo Fashion Magazine, Line&Type,  and many more.