To capture poetry in photographs

To enchant with imagery

To make possible the promise of 'forever'

Let's capture your beauty, your novel of love, your dreamiest moments. 

Memories frozen in time, engulfed by golden light...



Hello! My name is Mouna. Lover of natural light, delicate details, beautiful moments, and timeless memories. Since picking up a camera at the age of fourteen, it has been one of my greatest joys. The ability to freeze a single moment in time and capture memories makes me want to get out of bed every morning. Photography is truly my outlet and creator of bliss - it fills my soul with joy and wonder every single day.

After many years of shooting and publishing high-fashion editorials, I decided to embark on the journey I have always dreamed of doing - capturing memories of eternal love and devotion with other individuals who appreciate timeless, dreamy photographs as much as I do.

As an individual with a deep passion for love and wedding photography, I understand the importance of your very special day. The ability to disappear and capture authentic moments mixed with the skill to delicately direct a group or couple is essential. You want all the important moments and details captured, so as never to forget or miss a single bit. I am not a photographer who will simply show up on your wedding day, snap a few photos, and leave. On the contrary, I will be there through the entire process. From our initial meeting/phone call, to planning and helping you style your engagement shoot. Discussing your vision and truly understanding your personalities, to styling details and holding your train on your wedding day. I will help you pose and feel confident in front of the camera, gush over your carefully curated details, and shed a few tears with you during the speeches and vows. I will be there to help you through the planning, timeline, and day so that everything is captured as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

When my face is not pressed to my camera (or current favorite book), you will find me sipping tea in coffee shop corners, strolling through cities and forest preserves, cuddling with my black cat, Mr.Midnight, dressing up for lunch with my girlfriends, or watching whichever documentary I can get my hands on. 

If you would like to say hello or talk about a future project/event, you can do so through my contact page.


Mouna's work has been featured on Vogue IT, The Wedding Opera, Inspired by This, Dark Beauty , Elegant Magazine, Plenilune Magazine, Promo Fashion Magazine, Line&Type,  and many more.